Who We Are

Dr. Tegan Jennings

B.App.Sc (Comp. Med) M.Osteopathy

Tegan fell in love with osteopathy as a teenager — drawn to the proactive, hands on approach, knowledgeable practitioners, and emphasis on considering the patient as a whole. It was at this point, Tegan firmly set her sights on becoming an osteopath herself, and has never looked back.

Years later, Tegan is a registered osteopath who completed her qualifications at RMIT University in Melbourne, and has worked extensively in both rural Victoria and Melbourne, gaining experience treating patients from all walks of life and with a diverse range of conditions.

Tegan is a passionate about osteopathy and enjoys coming up with a treatment plan and approach that works best for each patient. She is most fulfilled finding ways to enable and empower women to manage pain, prevent injury and as a result, live better lives.

With this patient-centered approach, Tegan often works alongside other health professionals ensuring her patients are able to take an active role in their health and wellbeing with the right support.

Tegan has a special interest in treating women of all ages and the whole body. She has dedicated her practice to women and has completed many additional related courses including pain management during pregnancy and beyond, pain science, and osteopathic technique for female pelvic pain and urogenital conditions, as well as dry needling.

Dr. Shannon Connor

B.App.Sc (Comp. Med) M.Osteopathy

Shannon’s keen interest in health science combined with her desire to help others inspired her to pursue a career in osteopathy. Studying at RMIT University she completed a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Master of Osteopathy with distinction.

Since graduating, Shannon has worked in a variety of clinical settings from inner Melbourne to outback Queensland, gaining invaluable experience in the treatment of a wide range of injuries and conditions.

Driven to provide the highest standard of care she regularly attends seminars throughout Australia, USA and Europe to learn from world-renowned teachers and further her osteopathic skills.

Shannon has completed her third year of study in paediatric osteopathy at the Swiss Osteopathic Centre for Kids in Switzerland. This program is centred around the traditional osteopathic approach which works in synergy with the body’s own natural healing resources.

With a genuine desire to serve and support her patients to reach their specific goals along the journey towards optimal health, Shannon is delighted to be part of Rhythm Health where there is a shared passion for supporting women’s health and wellbeing through every stage of life.